Tips on How You Can Prevent and Eliminate Ticks From Your Dog


Every pet lover knows how annoying ticks can be. Ideally, everyone wants their dogs to be free from the annoying little creatures. Here are some of the best ways to ensure that your dog is free from the menace these ticks can cause. Read more great facts on what is the best flea and tick treatment for dogs, click here.

Use Medicated Shampoos

All dog owners should know the positive effect these medicated shampoos can have when dealing with ticks. Even though this method requires a lot of labor because you have to do it frequently, it is a very affordable method for you to manage. For the shampoo to be effective, you will need to wash your dog with it every two weeks. This allows the ingredients in the shampoo to wipe out all the ticks present on your dog’s skin effectively. For more useful reference regarding PetLock Max, have  a  peek here.

Use of Oral Medication

Ticks can also be dealt with effectively with the use of oral drugs. There are several types of oral medicines available for canines. Some of these drugs are prescribed monthly and they can deal with ticks and even flees. They are easy to use and one does not have to be stressed about small children and cats coming into contact with the dogs.

Collars That Repel Ticks

All though these collars are best for just the neck and head area, they are a great way to help prevent ticks from attacking your dogs. For effective working of these collars, they should be in contact with the dog’s skin so that the necessary chemicals are well transferred. One must ensure to leave adequate room to fit two fingers under the collar while putting it on. This is just so your dog does not choke. You should also make sure that the collar has no protruding ends, which your dog can chew on. In addition to that, one should look out for any allergic reactions, which can be signified by excessive and abnormal scratching.

Tick Dips

A tick dip is a concentrated chemical, which must be diluted in water and applied to an animal’s fur to kill ticks. This treatment should not be rinsed off immediately after application in order to give it enough time to work. When using these chemicals, it is necessary that you read the labels correctly because they can be quite strong and corrosive at times. You should also note that such dips are not recommended for animals under four months or for pregnant or nursing pets. You should always ask your veterinarian for professional advice before you use this form of treatment.

Medicated Powder

Specialized tick powders have the ability to kill and repel ticks from your dog. They are usually labeled with your dog’s specific age, and they come with a guide on how to use them. Please view this site for further details.


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